Content Marketing for your social media accounts.
Contentr The content management platform
What we do

Plan Social Media Campaigns

Build your marketing campaigns with ease.

Add the content and set the schedule for the messages.

Schedule Campaigns

Content shared more than once helps. With a smart schedule you can set the same piece of content to be shared multiple times with different text.

Automate Campaigns

Build automated marketing campaigns that can target multiple profiles.

With Contentr you can load the messages you want to use. We then build the schedule for the messages so you can work on other parts of your business.

Generate Campaigns

Using your content build a social media campaign.

With Contentr you can generate a campaign at any time from a date. We will take the content from your feed and build a schedule.

Track Campaigns

We track what works and when the best time for your campaign and audience.

Tune your marketing campaign for better views and clicks.


We bring AI to your marketing campaigns. Checking when the best time to post is. Using AI we make sure you are posting at the best times for your audience.

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