Contentr Origin Story

For years I've been building things on the internet with code, plus I have a blog where I publish articles. I wanted to try and automate some of my marketing. So when I build something I could share some messages on social media. Building my brand as they tell us to do.

The result was a monster Excel file. I would have sheets with different posts. different wordings but the same links. I would spend hours every week using different tools to schedule those posts and all the frustration that came with doing that.

I would then take my posts I had scheduled and review them adding the metrics of how each post did so I could work out if that worked or not. It was a hugely time consuming thing to do.

I build stuff and write stuff to share I didn't want to spend all this time scheduling and trying to make that work.

The Contentr has Landed!

I build stuff with code. Contentr started life as an Excel sheet, it then evolved into a table in a database with a set of services.

These services would post the messages at the scheduled time, check the stats so I could see how the different messages performed. What got likes, clicks, replies, shares.

I launched Contentr to a small group of marketers first privately. With their feedback and thoughts on board I began working on the official V1 of Contentr.

I learned a huge amount about marketing so I could make Contentr into a powerful and flexible marketing tool for you to use.

What can Contentr Do

We have Workspaces so you can separate your projects.

We have Campaigns so you can run different content marketing strategies and promote different offers and deals.

Fully automated scheduling out of the box, when I publish a blog post on my blog Contentr posts it to my social media, then creates some follow up posts for me. Sharing something once into the void of social media is great, sharing it more times and at different times helps to build your audience and brand. Contentr Automates this part for you.

The same piece of content can have different messages for it. But Contentr keeps it all organised so you can find the different messages easily. We make it easy for you to reuse the same piece of content on different days at different times.

Tracking the posts so you can see how they are doing, giving you a full break down of each message for the content.

The Future

The future path isn't written yet. Want to join us and see where we go?

Selfie by James Kenny