Contentr makes it easy to build campaigns planning and scheduling when posts will publish. Reusing old content is a great way to build and grow your brand. The problem is that not all content is evergreen. Sometimes content is just for a point in time or a few weeks as you build to a launch or that time you hit 100,000 users. After you reach 150,000 users that post celebrating the 100,000 is kinda out of date.

Think for a minute how social media works. You start sharing content to grow your brand and build your audience but as you grow it the new users maybe haven't seen some of the first content you shared.  

Using your Content

Contentr gives you the tools to build a campaign with your content and plan, schedule and publish content when you want to but also reuse all that old content. You can automate the generating of the campaigns so that Contentr will always post some of your content. This helps you to get on with running your business.

Building a campaign

To get started, select "Create Campaign" in your work space. This will allow you to create the campaign and select the profiles that are available to this campaign.

Contentr - Create Campaign

You can give the campaign a name and description too at this stage. Once you create the campaign we will open the schedule and content feed.

Content Feed

The content feed is a core part of how Contentr works. It allows you to store and handle your content. You can add content, schedule it and change the text and try different messages for the same content all from this simple screen.

Contentr Add new content to feed.

Once you add content into the content feed you can schedule the content.

Schedule Content

Once you schedule the content it will appear on the day in the schedule. You can edit the scheduled time if you want or remove it.

Contentr Schedule

The time of the posting is scheduled based on the time band you have selected. In this case it's an all day time band so Contentr picks a time in that time at any time of the day.


Once content is added to the feed we will show it as it will look on social media, we load the preview and the graph tags in if there is a link.

Contentr Content Feed

Content Versions

A feature of Contentr is to be able to change the text of the message but keep the content the same. This lets you try out different messages and keep it on the same piece of content.

Contentr Changing the text of the content

To do this on the scheduling change the text, here  I have added "Check this out:" To the text, and then I scheduled it. Once it's scheduled I can select the "Versions" and see the different versions,

Contentr versions of message for content

This lets me use the same content but change the message for posting.

Generate Schedule

We have the ability to Generate a schedule from the content you have added and the different messages you have used.

To do this click the "Generate Schedule" option

Generate Schedule

Contentr will ask for a date to run the generate from and will then generate a schedule for you based on the content added to the content feed.

Automating Content Schedule with a Repeat Scheduler

Contentr can automaticly generate a schedule for you if you want.

Contentr - Repeat Scheduler

With this scheduler you can switch it on and Contentr will generate a schedule for you automaticly to make sure something is being shared on your schedule all the time.

The way it works we check your schedule to see if you have anything scheduled for the day. If you do not we will generate the schedule for you based on the content you have in the content feed.

Go ahead and give Contentr a try for 30 days Click HERE for your free no limits trial.

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