In this post I'll walk you through how to connect your Ghost blog to Contentr to share and publish your content onto you social feeds.

What is Ghost

Ghost is a blogging platform, in fact this blog is run on Ghost I've been using it for a few years now for another blog, and I'm a really big fan.

Connecting Ghost to Contentr

So how do we connect Ghost to contentr. It's actually really simple. First you need to go to the campaign, open the settings section and you will see an option to "Generate a webhook"

Contentr - Generate Webhook option

This will generate a webhook for your campaign.

Sample Webhook for contentr

Once you have this webhook we need to configure Ghost.

Ghost Custom Intergrations

In your Ghost settings screen you will find the option called "Integrations"

Here you can create a "Add custom Integration"

Add custom Integration
Naming the custom Intergration

Once you click to "Add Custom Intergration" you have to name it.

Define Custom Integration

You can define the integration, set an icon and give it some more details before you select "Add Webhook"

Add Webhook

Target URL: This is the webhook from the campaign in Contentr that we created earlier.

Event: This is the event that you want Ghost to call the webhook on. I use Post Published. So that new content is sent straight to contentr.

Check out my other post on using Smart Schedules to see how you can combine smart schedules with this webhook and create schedules for your content.

Smart Schedules in Contentr

When posting content to social media it is important to share a post more than once.  That's why you need to use Contentr smart schedules.

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