Connect your Wordpress site to Contentr to share your content or products onto your social feeds. In this post I'll walk through using Zapier to connect your Wordpress site to Contentr to create content and build campaigns to schedule, publish and automate your content marketing.

Get Contentr Webhook

First thing we need from Contentr is the webhook.

Go to the campaign, open the settings section and you will see an option to "Generate a webhook"

Contentr - Generate Webhook option

This will generate a webhook for your campaign.

Sample Webhook for contentr

Take this webhook we're going to need it.

Once you have a webhook we need to connect your Wordpress site to Contentr. To do this we recommend using Zapier as a way to connect.

Enter Zapier

Zapier is a website that allows you to connect different applications and make them do things. It's a really great site.

What we're going to do is create a new ZAP that uses the RSS By Zapier and connect it to the Zapier Webhook. This will then take any new item in our RSS feed and post it to the campaign in Contentr.

Make a ZAP

Select RSS by Zapier
RSS By Zapier - Set it to New Item in Feed

We're selecting "New Item in Feed" this will trigger the Zap when ever we add a new post on our site.

Configure RSS Feed

Next we need to tell it where the feed URL is. In this case I used my blogs RSS feed. you would use what ever the RSS feed is for your website or blog.

Zapier - Do this

Next we set the What action we want Zapier to take when a new item arrives into our RSS feed.

Webhooks by Zapier

Search for the "Webhook" will bring up the "Webhooks by Zapier"

Webhook on POST

The Action Event for webhooks will be POST. Contentr expects a POST request.

Configure Webhook

The URL will be the Contentr webhook.

Testing it

Ok that's it, you can go ahead and test it and turn on the ZAP. Once you have done that any time a new item arrives into your RSS feed on your Wordpress site it will be added to your campaign Content feed and scheduled according to your smart schedule.

What next

Check out my other post on using Smart Schedules to see how you can combine smart schedules with this webhook and create schedules for your content.

Smart Schedules in Contentr

When posting content to social media it is important to share a post more than once.  That's why you need to use Contentr smart schedules.

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