We've now launched Contentr V1.1 this includes some general fixes for bugs that have been found. It also includes.

  • Improvements to our webhooks API.
  • Image support - (API only)
  • A Zapier Integration
  • Generate Content from a link
  • Connect to RSS Feeds

Zapier Integration

Zapier is an application that allows you to connect different apps and automate your workflow. It's really a perfect fit for a Contentr integration.

Our integration allows you to

  • Publish content from a campaign.
  • Create content on a campaign.
Contentr in Zapier

Currently Contentr is only available by invite so if you want to try it out. Signup for Contentr and send me a message I'll invite you to the Contentr Zapier Beta and you can give it a try.

In Contentr you can now add a Link to the content feed, we will read the Link and build the content from the title, this makes it easier for you to then add your own twist.

Contentr - Add Link to Content Feed

We will show a message for you to add the Link

Contentr - Add a Link to build your content

Once your link is added we will read the link and pull the title to build the content for you. You can then add your own twist before scheduling it to post.

Contentr - Link used to generate content

Image Support

This is available from the Zapier integration and API at the moment, you can attach an image URL to the content. This can then be used to post or publish content.

Connect to RSS Feeds

Contentr supports linking to an RSS feed. This allows you to take the RSS Feed for your website, blog, podcast and link it to a campaign. We will look up all the content on the RSS feed and build your content feed with it but then monitor your RSS feed when you publish new content we will read it in and add it to your feed.

If you have smart schedules active on the campaign we will then create the posts based on those schedules when ever we find content.

To connect your RSS feed, head to the campaigns Content feed and click the "Add RSS" button

Contentr - Add RSS Feed to Campaign

We will ask for the URL to to your RSS Feed.

Contentr - Add RSS Feed URL

Once we have that we will take the URL and add any content we find on the RSS feed and pull it into Contentr for you.

Contentr - Import RSS Content

This will then keep the RSS Feed sync'd with Contentr. We will look up and check for new content. Once we find it, we will import it onto the Content Feed.

If you are using the Smart Schedules we will build your posts based on that.

Go ahead and try Contentr today and let me know what you think.

What Next

V1.1 had a big focus on creating content and automating the publishing of that content. V1.2 will put it's focus on Analytics. We have some improvements coming soon around content and showing how it is performing.

Also with the introduction of Zapier that has changed how and what we have available to track.

Contentr Anaytics V1
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