With the earlier versions of Contentr we focused on publishing and scheduling content. On the automation from your blog or site and posting to social media.

With 1.2 we moved our focus over to the analytics side of things. With these updates we have made it easier to track how your content is performing.

Contentr Campaign Analytics

On your campaign now you can open the analytics tab and see your content. We should you a summary of clicks, likes, shares that the content has.

Contentr Campaign Analytics

This view shows you all messages for that content and it's stats for the period selected. You can filter by date and see how it has done over a longer time.

When you open the "Content Analytics" for the content. We show you a break down for that content over the dates your looking at.

Contentr - Content Analytics

We show you each of the messages for the content and the Reach / Clicks / Likes / Shares that each message gets.

You can see which message performs better. We also include the date / time that the message was shared published.

There isn't a huge amount of work in this update the analytics became the main focus. We did do some random small bug fixes as well.

What next

Formatted Posts

Coming up next we're going to look into formatting the messages to make richer content posts.

This might or might not include a look at adding some emoji's (I'm making no promises but it's something we're looking into)

A Formatted Post on Twitter - this is what we're aiming for from Contentr

Repeat Scheduler

A repeat Scheduler is something I've had in the pipeline from the begining of Contentr. The idea is that you could set a content that always posts on a Monday or a Wednesday.

Contentr would pick a message and share it on the day you have told Contentr to post it. It could be a greeting for the start of a day or it could be a reminder to do something or check something.

Day Rules

Currently contentr will post on any day, when you generate a schedule or switch on the auto scheduler it will create a post for every day.

With Day rules you will be able to tell a campaign not to post on that day but also be able to set content that it can only post on a day of the week.

It will work both ways, locking out the campaign or even just the content.

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