In this post I'll go through how I use Contentr with my own blog - Serversncode. This is part of the origins of Contentr and one of the reasons I've created it the way  I have.


I started blogging a few years ago as a way to share and document things I was learning. Some of the posts are really just for me to record how I have done something so I can remember it or find it again. I've lost track of the number of times I have searched Google or Duck Duck Go and found my own blog as a result. In one sense that's great in another it shows how important documenting things can be.

As I blogged more I found I wanted more automation, I write my blog posts in batches and usually on an evening, I could do 1 or 2 related posts over a few evenings and once I'm happy I will schedule them in Ghost to publish usually on a Monday at 9:30 am Irish time. I'm usually working on something at that time so I can't stop or be trusted to remember to post it.

So I started automating it and found alot of the tools just weren't doing what I wanted.

Enter Contentr

To do this and give me the automation and control I wanted I created parts of Contentr.


Contentr has webhooks, these can be called by Ghost or Zapier using the RSS feed. This webhook will create the content from my blog into a content feed.

A sample of my blog content in Contentr

Contentr - Smart Schedules

Smart schedules do the next bit for me, you can read more about them here

I created 3 smart schedules.

  • Wait: 0 - Just Blogged:
  • Wait: 18 - On my Blog:
  • Wait 56 - From my Blog:

As soon as a post is published on my blog a post is shared with Just Blogged

The other 2 posts are scheduled to follow over the next few days.

This means my 1 blog post has more reach, better chance for people to see it. I've lost track of the times the "From my Blog:" gets more traffic than my "Just Blogged:" post.

Content Analytics

Contentr tracks each post, the likes, shares and clicks of each. It allows me to see that on a content level and on a message level. So I can see how "Just Blogged:" did against "From my Blog:" But I can also see at a glance how my content did. How did this post do this week. Which as a blogger is what I'm interested in.

I don't really worry about if my "Just Blogged" did well I want to know how my blog post did over the 3 or 4 or how ever many posts that week I did.

I could take a peice of content and automate it to share every day at different times for the week.

Contentr will show me how it did overall instead of me having to go to each post and count up the clicks and likes.

Reusing Content

Contentr organises content by content not by message so reusing the content is easy. Just select Schedule or Versions to reuse another message, and select "Schedule"

I have some more tools coming here for automating and some new ideas to try and enchance this area.

I'd love to know your thoughts and don't forget you can try contentr for 30 days for free. Click HERE for an unlimited trial.

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