If you want to share your tweets onto a Facebook page a great way to do that is with Zapier. In this post I'll walk you through the steps to connect both. I'll also point out some secrets that will make your posts better.

Zapier makes it easy to connect to your tweets and FB Pages.

Create a ZAP

Go ahead and create a ZAP and search for Twitter.

Setting up a Twitter Zapier

First thing we do is find Twitter in the apps.

Configuring a Tweet Zap

Select the My Tweet this will tell it to trigger the ZAP only when you tweet on your account.

At this point Zapier requires you to sign into your Twitter account and connect the two apps. Go ahead and follow the instructions.

We can test out Twitter is connected and once that passes move onto connecting the FB Page.

Select FB Pages from the available apps.

Similar to Twitter you will have to connect into Facebook and allow Zapier access. It will also ask you to select what pages you want to add.

Configure Tweet to FB Page

Next we define what parts of the Tweet we want to take and put where. I have selected the Message to be the text, this will include the link.

For Link URL I've selected the "Entities Urls Expanded URL" In Twitter this is the full link that was shared on Twitter not the short version or a link back to the Tweet itself as you get if you just use the link.

Go ahead and continue and test it. This will take your last tweet and share it on the FB Page. Then you can go see it in action.

Turn on the Zap and away you go, you will have linked your Twitter to a Facebook Page

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