Contentr has the ability for you to create workspaces so that different projects or clients can be in their own spaces.

This really helps if you are an indie hacker / maker like me or just someone with different interests.

Why call it Workspaces

I have tried a few different names to try and define these. We once had them called "Orgs" but this didn't fit with the way we seen Contentr being used by others. For many people workspaces allow them to create defined spaces for different types of campaigns.


Campaigns are organised by work space. So different campaigns aren't available to different workspaces. For me this works really great I have a work space for Contentr. These blog posts and my campaigns for Contentr are all in that work space.

But I then have another workspace for my other Blog - this lets me keep my campaigns seperate.


While campaigns aren't shared between different workspaces. Profiles can be, you can have the same profiles on multiple workspaces.

Coming Soon

We have some big plans around workspaces, some of these are coming soon as of this post being published.

Teams - We plan to allow teams to have access to different workspaces. So you could have a work space for a project and only allow the team members have access to the work space.

Reports - This is something we're really excited about, we plan to allow you to create a set of reports from a work space. This would be read only and allow you to share it with your clients or team and see how your marketing campaign is going.

Create Workspace

To create a new work space check out our documentation

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