Content Marketing

Content shouldn't be something you post once into the river of social media and hope it comes back. With contentr you can set your content to have different messages.

A/B Testing content

You can A/B test different messages for content and remove the messages that don't work. Try posting different messages at different times for the same content.

Build Campaigns

With Contentr you can build campaigns to promote your content across different channels.

Smart Schedules

Content shared more than once helps. With a smart schedule you can set the same piece of content to be shared multiple times with different text.

Generate Campaigns

With Contentr you can generate a campaign at any time from a date. We will take the content from your feed and build a schedule.


Build automated marketing campaigns that can target multiple profiles.

Content Analytics

We make it easy to track your content and see how it preforms over time. Which messages work best and when.


With Contentr you can create a workspace for different projects.

Content AI

With Contentr we have AI built in to help work out what messages work and when and how to improve your content marketing.

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